Find cheap 2019 caravan holidays across the UK!

Where to find low price UK cheap caravan holidays

For quick and easy access to the best deals, the UK’s main caravan park operators should be your first stop. Many of the leading national operators feature last minute deals and special offers on their websites (you can directly access the leading operators offers pages from the table below).

The next alternative should be independent caravan parks. These sites can also offer some great deals but you need to search them out.

The final options we would recommend is looking at classified adverts from private holiday caravan owners. This is a bit more risky as you don’t have the backup of a large, established company but great deals can be found.

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Caravan holiday park finder

Use our caravan holiday park finder to find the best caravan holiday in the following counties/areas:


What to look for when choosing a caravan holiday – 5 top tips!

That cheap holiday deal might look tempting but there are a few things you should consider before parting with your hard earned money. Use our checklist below to make sure you get the best cheap deal for you.

  1. Location – what facilities does the site have? Is it near a beach? How close is the local town and shopping facilities? Try and read a review of the site if you can
  2. Number of nights – some (most!) of the very cheap deals are for only a couple of nights. Great for a weekend break but not for your summer holiday. Can you get a better deal by paying slightly more and getting more nights stay?
  3. Arrival day – again, a lot of the cheap deals tend to have midweek arrival dates. An important point to consider and check
  4. Caravan type – let’s be honest, cheap deals will likely be a “bronze” type caravan with basic facilities. Check what’s included in the caravan as different operators and parks  have different “bronze” standards. Also, how much more for a better equipped caravan? Just be careful you don’t get caught paying “more for not much more”.
  5. Extra – watch out for extras. What’s included in the price? Do you have to pay extra for pets, linen, entertainment and use of the leisure facilities? Read the small print as these extra costs can add up


Why choose a caravan holiday?

You can find some great caravan holidays in the UK and if you are one of those people who have not had a caravan holiday for a long time or indeed, never had a caravan holiday then you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Today’s caravan holiday parks have some great facilities, often including entertainment venues, restaurants and heated swimming pools. The caravans themselves have also moved on: the modern caravan is spacious, well furnished and has the latest technology.

So here are our Top 5 reasons for choosing a caravan holiday:

  1. Caravan holidays offer exceptional value compared to package holidays or staying in a hotel or B&B.
  2. They are often located near or within walking distance of some great UK beaches.
  3. Often included in the prices is the use of the entertainment and leisure facilities.
  4. Caravans are equipped like modern apartments with fitted kitchens and latest media equipment.
  5. Caravans often sleep 6-8 people so you can share the cost between friends or other family members.

So…what’s stopping you!

We have selected some of the best & lowest priced caravan holidays from across the UK – check out the links above and grab yourself a great deal.